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Reversible air conditioning - Air-to-air heat pump

Mobile reversible air conditioner


The ideal air conditioner

Our Airton reversible stationary air conditioners are ready-to-install and suitable for surfaces of up to 100m² , depending on their output.

- Cooling & heating mode
- Energy-efficient solution
- Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

The Readyclim system

Readyclim is a patented and certified technology that revolutionizes the installation of air-conditioning units. Just 4 nuts to tighten, and it's connected! The ReadyClim connection system is pre-charged with R32 gas and requires no vacuum. Its hermetically sealed connections eliminate any risk of gas dispersion.

No special equipment is required for installation.

According to current regulations: Commissioning to be carried out by a professional qualified to handle refrigerants.

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Energy-efficient air conditioners

Did you know that a reversible air conditioner can help you save energy? Summer and winter alike, your air conditioner stabilizes your comfort temperature and ensures high energy efficiency.

The DC INVERTER air-conditioning system regulates all compressor power according to changes in room temperature. In heating mode, consume 4 times less electricity than an electric heater.

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Our products are certified and now come with a 3-year warranty.

Our products are regularly checked and validated by qualified independent international control entites. (SGS, INTERTEK, CETIM, TÜV).

SGS, the world-renowned certification service for our air-conditioning units: Guarantees the quality of our products, compliance with various regulatory requirements, safety and performance...

CETIM certifies the hermetically sealed nature of our refrigeration links. This link system has passed all the tests, carried out with stresses four times greater than those recommended by the current standard.

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We answer your questions.

Wondering how much a reversible air conditioning system costs? Our Airton advisors can help you with your project. Identify your specific power requirements to offer you the reversible air conditioner you need.

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