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Theoutdoor unit of a stationary air conditioner The outdoor unit of an air conditioner is not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, and sometimes we have no choice but to install it on our terrace or in the garden.

The air-conditioning cover meets this aesthetic need. Airton offers you a functional air-conditioning cover, which can be placed on the floor or on the wall. Discover our solutions of outdoor air conditioner cover or heat pump - outdoor unit air conditioner cover - at the best quality/price ratio.

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Accessories - Other accessories



The air-conditioning protective covers ofAirton air conditioning covers are UV/weather resistant and are designed not to impede the flow of exhaust air. The louvers are oriented to ensure optimum air circulation and to reduce noise pollution.

Just as stylish as the indoor air conditioner cover or panel, the designer outdoor air conditioner cover fits perfectly into your interior design. Whether it is a wooden, wood effect or white air conditioning cover, our outdoor unit covers are universal and suitable for all types of appliances. The outdoor unit cover is quick and easy to install. Airton offers you a custom-made air conditioning cover, which is best installed when you install your air conditioner.

If you only use your stationary air conditioner for part of the year, consider getting an air conditioner cover. We have thought of designing a protective cover for the outdoor air conditioning unit or outdoor heat pump. The cover is available in several sizes, depending on the size of your outdoor unit. The heat pump protection prevents the accumulation of dust, rain and pollen within the outdoor unit. It therefore provides protection for the outdoor air conditioner motor and protection for the air conditioning compressor.

But beware, unlike the soundproof outdoor air conditioning cover, the protective cover for outdoor air conditioners cannot be used if the unit is in working order.

Split air conditioners fromAirton can be controlled remotely thanks to the wifi option: smart home, compatible with Google Home and Alexa via the SmartLife application. At Airton, discover the best price for wifi air conditioners.

Quiet reversible air conditioning reduces your energy consumption. In fact, our packaged air conditioners give off 4 times more energy than they consume, provided they are used wisely. The installation of a wifi module in your wall-mounted air conditioner gives you the opportunity to keep control of your consumption.

But how do you keep track of the consumption of a reversible air conditioning system? Airton answers all your frequently asked questions.

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