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Reversible air conditioner - air-to-air heat pump

You are planning toinstall an air conditioner fixed silent just price ? At Airton, make savings on the cost of your installation.

With the technology Readyclim, it is possible toinstall it yourself, no need to go to an expensive heating engineer. The design of the wall-mounted air conditioner Airton, with its digital display, promises modernity and comfort.

Discover here all our heating and air conditioning solutions. Our fixed air conditioners are reversible and suitable for all types of rooms, depending on their size. The reversible air conditioning DC INVERTER has two functions: one air-conditioning, the other producing heat. The operation of our heat pumps(PAC), reversible air-to-air heat pumps (pac air), monobloc air conditioners (a fixed indoor wall air conditioner and an outdoor unit) or multisplit air conditioners (2 to 3 indoor units for an outdoor unit ) is based onaerothermy and will allow you to reduce your energy consumption.

Our reversible air conditioners are available in different powers: 2500w (9000 Btu), 3400w (12000 Btu ) and 5270w (18000 Btu ) depending on the surface area. The remote control via the remote control supplied and the optional wifi module (wifi connection operation) will allow you to activate the desired air conditioning mode and adjust your ventilation speed.

Are you looking for an example of the price ofa reversible air condition er covering a small area or a space of 40m²? Get a quote at the best price and find out what our customers have to say about our products. air conditioning advice Find out what our customers have to say about our products.

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heat pump air conditioner and remote control

Reversible air-conditioning units (indoor and outdoor units) in winter or during hot weather.

Installation project: purchase of a low-cost reversible air conditioner

Getting a low-cost air conditioning system and choosing the right reversible air conditioning system for your needs is no easy task! Air conditioning is a device designed to cool rooms in a home, but reversible air conditioning is also designed to heat ( heating mode), hence the term heat pump.

Airton is the reference brand and French professional leader in self-contained air conditioning systems. Our expertise has enabled us over the years to develop a range of high-performanceappliances to air-condition the room or rooms you want according to your needs. The principle of the Airton air conditioning systems is based on plug-n-play: an autonomous installation thanks to refrigerant links(connection between theindoor unit and the outdoor unit) pre-charged with R32 gas.

Go to our page ReadyClim to find out more about our ready-to-install reversible air conditioner. Reversible air conditioning heat pump (pac air air)/ R32 refrigerant available with wifi module for an even more controlled energy consumption.

With the professional Airton, enjoy thermal comfort and control the temperature all year round. Experts can accompany you by phone or email during your purchase and offer you an efficient air conditioning at low prices.

All equipment Airton : Which air conditioner or heat pump for which type of house?

Beforebuying a reversible air conditioner, it is important to make sure that your condominium association or city hall allows the installation of an outdoor unit on your balcony or terrace. If it is not possible to install an air conditioning system, you can choose alternative devices such as mobile air conditioners air coolers or fans.

A heat pump or air conditioner is chosen according to your home, depending on the number of rooms and their size. For optimum thermal comfort, you need to ensure that your home is well insulated. For economic reasons, your budget is obviously a factor in the choice of your air conditioning unit. At Airton, we have thought of everything!

Monobloc air conditioning: the single split air conditioner/heat pump.

Fixed air conditioner pac air mono split

This model of air conditioner is perfectly suited to air-condition a room ranging from 30m2 to 60m2 depending on the volume of the room. We have made the model available in different power ratings: 2500W, 3400W, 5270W. All the fixed mono split air conditioners Airton are reversible/ DC INVERTER operation (hot/cold).

Equipment provided:

Included in theindoor unitboxes :

  • Remote control with batteries
  • 2m condensate hose for theindoor unit
  • Protective foam fitting

Included in theoutdoor unit boxes :

  • Insulating tape
  • Wall outlet
  • Condensate drain connection
  • 4 anti-vibration blocks
  • 4m of electrical wiring

Fixed multi split air conditioner

This model allows you to air condition and heat several rooms with several indoor units from a single outdoor unit. Airton offers multi-split reversible air conditioners: bi-split and tri-split available in our fixed air conditioners collection. The solution ReadyClim solution is suitable for a multi-split reversible air conditioner, so it would be necessary to order a union connector(connection of two links) to go up to 12m of refrigeration connection.

Equipment provided:

Included in the indoor unit boxes:

  • 2 remote controls with batteries
  • 2m condensate hose indoor unit
  • Protective foam fitting

Included in the outdoor unit boxes:

  • Insulating tape
  • Wall outlet
  • Condensate drain connection
  • 4 anti-vibration blocks
  • 2 x 4m of electrical wiring

At Airton, the results are there! Our devices are easy to install, discreet and efficient. Join our community who have already been seduced by our products. Read our customer tips and information in the FAQ section or on our blog page.

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