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Accessories - Maintenance

To reduce major breakdowns and avoid air conditioning breakdowns after a few years of operation, you should take care of the air conditioning cleaning of the house. Your air conditioner needs to be maintained!

This will allow you to clean the air and ensure the safety of your home. fixed air conditioner. Themaintenance of your air-to-air heat pump recommended by Airton involves "air conditioning cleaning" of several parts of your appliance.

On domestic air conditioners under 2kg, it is not compulsory to sign up for a maintenance contract and an air conditioning service. However, the annual air conditioning maintenance service does not exclude cleaning on your part. We recommend disinfecting the air conditioning every 6 months.

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Accessories - Maintenance



To make it easier for you, Airton has developed effectivehome air conditioning cleaning products that significantly reduce the growth of contaminating micro-organisms in the air conditioning system. Whatever the mode(air conditioning or heating mode) the bacteria persist. Cleaning the air conditioner or cleaning the air conditioner filter with water will do the trick but will not ensure a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioner. Remember also to ensure a good cleaning of the condensate tray of the air conditioner to maintain the performance of the air conditioner and ensure the longevity of the monobloc or multibloc air conditioner.

See the installation manual for more information onair conditioning maintenance. Please note that with your additional hardware and technical assistance guarantee fromAirton (5 years), you can also benefit from a breakdown service with dedicated video assistance.

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