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Accessories - Ducting

To ensure that your fixed air-conditioning installation is discreet and aesthetically pleasing, opt for the air-conditioning duct !

It is the right indoor air conditioner cover! The air conditioning duct is a practical accessory when you want to install a stationary air conditioner monobloc or bibloc or a heat pump pacThe cable duct is used as a cable cover or pipe cover. The ducting allows you to hide the condensate pipe, the air conditioner discharge pipe, the pump if necessary, as well as the refrigeration connections, which link the two units (indoor and outdoor).

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Accessories - Ducting


Pipe covers

The air-conditioning duct consists of two parts: the duct base to be fixed to the wall and the duct cover which will completely cover the base.

The white PVC duct from Airton can be easily fixed to the wall or ceiling. Our 80x60mm air conditioning ducting is 1m long and can be supplied with a "wall corner duct" to fit the shape of your flat and with our end caps. The plastic air conditioning duct is waterproof and suitable for several types of spaces: interior duct, exterior duct(exterior electrical cable protection duct), corner duct (90°), floor duct, discover our range of accessories here.


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