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Accessories - Links and connectors

Do you want to install an air conditioner in your flat or house? You have chosen a ready-to-install air conditioner and thus opted for an autonomous installation via the patented solution ReadyClim.

You're quite right! The air conditioning brand Airton is the French leader in DIY air conditioning and offers you considerable savings on the commissioning of your air conditioning!

To do this, you need to choose a refrigeration link adapted to your needs and a union connector. Ready-to-install air conditioning is economical and safe.

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Accessories - Links and connectors

Indeed, the refrigeration links revolutionise air conditioning and the air conditioning system since they are pre-loaded with gas and hermetically sealed: no vacuum is required! Whether it is a ready-to-install heat pump or an inverter air conditioning system(ready-to-install reversible air conditioning), the system ReadyClim is adequate.

The union connector is an essential accessory as it allows you to connect two refrigeration lines between the indoor split air conditioner and the outdoor unit, quickly and easily. This accessory is suitable for a monobloc air conditioner, a air conditioning bi-split or a multi-split air conditioner.

If you want to know more about our solution ReadyClim, feel free to contact ourhotline to learn more about our air conditioning solutions (home air conditioning, flat air conditioning, portable air conditioning...) and with whom you can make a air conditioning estimate(air conditioner price).

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