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The air conditioning supportThis is an essential accessory for the installation of your air conditioner or air-to-air heat pump. But a wall-mounted air-conditioning support or wall bracket for air conditioner what is it?

The wall-mounted air-conditioning support allows the installation of the outdoor unit which will allow the evacuation of the warm air previously cooled indoors.

Please note that at Airtonthe split air conditioner bracket is provided for the indoor unit. However, it is important to accessorise the unit outside your house or flat. The universal wall-mounted air conditioning bracket with integrated level from Airton The universal wall-mounted air-conditioning bracket with integrated level meets this need, is suitable for all types of outdoor unit and is very easy to install.


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Accessories - Supports



You can as well opt for an air-conditioning bracket, i.e. the air-conditioning wall bracket Airton, a traditional wall bracket that fits outdoor unit dimensions Airton from 2.5KW to 3.5KW.

The outdoor air conditioner stand is durable, can support more than a hundred kilos and includes a safety hook.

But what can you expect in terms of price for an air conditioning wall mount? Prices vary according to the number of kilowatts and the strength of the bracket: universal wall brackets, remote wall brackets or floor brackets. We have made sure that our "wall mount for outdoor air conditioners"offer is available in a variety of sizes.

To find out more about how to install, read our blogpost.

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