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90° external angle for 80 x 60 mm trunking


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This external angle allows the connection of two lengths of ducting in an incoming wall corner.

These are particularly useful for electrical work, for example. Cable trunking allows cables and wires to be elegantly concealed. This secures the electrical circuit and provides a clean, unobtrusive appearance in a room.

Ducting is often placed at the height of skirting boards and in corners, to promote a certain degree of invisibility. This is why it is necessary to buy corners like this.

The90 degree angle fits naturally within a right angle to provide a precise and efficient trunking connection. Finishing your work has never been easier!

This external corner model is fully compatible with our 80 x 60 mm trunking models.

Discreet and protected installation

If you are unable to undertake a flush fit, trunking can be used to conceal pipework and cables.

This accessory also makes it easier to access your wiring if necessary. In addition, the trunking protects your refrigeration connections from UV rays and bad weather.

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Size 80 x 60 mm

Our ducts measure 80 x 60 mm and can accommodate the refrigerant connections ReadyClim®as well as the electrical cables.

In order to properly connect your indoor unit to your outdoor unit, we offer various duct connection accessories (linear, inner corner, outer corner, end cap).

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