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outdoor unit cover single-split wood effect with planter

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Are you unhappy with the appearance of the outdoor unit of your wall-mounted air conditioner? At Airton, we have the solution! The universal wood-effect outdoor unit cover is perfect for concealing a unit that is too visible and unsightly.

This product envelops the outdoor unit while protecting it from impacts and external elements. It can be easily placed on an air conditioning unit or on the outdoor unit of a floor-mounted air conditioning system.

In addition to offering a charming aesthetic alternative, this wood-effect cover helps to reduce the noise level of the appliance. This is a significant advantage, since in addition to being beautiful, it does not interfere with the proper functioning of the air conditioner.

Air conditioning maintenance

Cleaning your air conditioner and protecting the outdoor unit ensures that your units (indoor and outdoor units) function properly , otherwise you risk clogging the filters, affecting the quality of the air in the room and reducing the life expectancy of your air conditioner.

Protecting your air conditioning from pests

The protective cover will insulate your outdoor air conditioner from the weather and preserve your unit for the long term. Please note that it should not be used when the air conditioner is running.

Our protective cover, suitable and compatible with 2500 kW, 3400 kW (size L) and 5200 kW (size XL) air conditioners, is suitable for our monosplit or bi-split outdoor units.

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Remember to clean your air conditioning

Our disinfectant sprays (foam and liquid) will thoroughly clean your air conditioner and its distribution circuits.

They aim to reduce the spread of micro-organism contamination of air conditioning systems.

Some external factors can damage the insulation, so it is important to check the condition of your tubes. With our disinfectant spray, dust the filter and clean the water outlet as well as your indoor unit!

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Opt for a functional air conditioning cover

Our air-conditioning covers are placed on theoutdoor unit without interfering with the flow of exhaust air. The blades are oriented to ensure optimal air circulation and to reduce noise pollution.

They are UV and weather resistant. The outdoor air conditioner cover is the perfect decorative accessory for your garden, terrace or balcony.

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Description Maintenance (continued)

Do you have a beautiful flower garden and your air conditioner is marring your landscape? The imitation wood design of our cover is the perfect alternative to the industrial look of your air conditioning system.

In addition, this is a model with a planter. This means that you can place flowers, for example, on top of the cover to further conceal the outdoor unit.

Would you like to choose a different colour? We also offer a white cover to suit your wishes.


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