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Mobile reversible air conditioner 3500W/2500W 12000BTU

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Including 10,00 € TTC for ecotax






4 modes


≈ 30m²





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Description Features Included Documentation

This reversible mobile air conditioner is a 3-in-1 multi-functional unit, acting as a heater, air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier all in one. It will keep all your rooms cool on hot summer days or warm in the winter.

3-in-1 reversible mobile air conditioner

Thereversible auxiliary appliance par excellence! Our reversible air conditioners allow you to cool the temperature in summer and heat in winter.

In addition to offering you comfort and discretion, our reversible mobile air conditioners are multifunctional. You can use them as an air conditioner, fan or dehumidifier, depending on the model you choose.

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Up to 35m².

Our mobile air conditioners have an output of 2000W to 3500W. They are suitable for rooms from 20 to 35m².

Our appliances are easy to move from one room to another. Powerful but light, they are equipped with 4 wheels to follow you in all the rooms of your house.

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Quiet and stylish mobile air conditioner

Our devices are very quiet, with a sound level of 60-65 dB(A). They consist of a single mobile unit, are discreet and offer a variety of functions.

It is quick and easy to set up. The supplied exhaust hose should be placed in the opening of a window or door. You can then enjoy the benefits of your mobile air conditioner Airton.

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Programmable and connected

In order to optimise the use of our mobile air conditioners, we have developed an air conditioner that is connected via the Wi-Fi network.

In order to provide the ideal comfort, the integrated Wi-Fi module allows you toturn your mobile air conditioneron and off remotely from your phone, so you can keep control of your energy consumption. It is also possible to program your mobile device to provide a fixed room temperature for your home.

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Unboxing: Unpacking a mobile air conditioner

Description (continued)

Efficient air conditioner

Would you like a product that keeps you cool in the summer, but is also warm in the winter?

Choose the reversible air conditioner fromAirton.

Lightweight, it is equipped with 4 wheels for easy movement!

a single-block air conditioner

This device consists of a single mobile unit. Simply connect it to a power outlet and unfold the exhaust hose through a window opening and it starts cooling the air immediately!

The power of the air conditioner

This machine with a power of 3500W cooling, 2500W heating and an air flow of 400m3/h is particularly efficient. Thus, you can easily cool surfaces that are between 30m2 and 35m2.

The functions of the mobile air conditioner

Thanks to its digital display, this air conditioner allows you to select the different functions it offers. Its remote control will allow you to control your appliance remotely for more comfort.

An ecoresponsible system

This air conditioner is equipped with R290 gas, which is 100% natural because it is of fossil origin. This means that there are no greenhouse gas emissions.

The R290 gas is, moreover, an entirely natural hydrocarbon used as a refrigerant. Its impact on the environment is therefore very low (700 times less impact than with R410A). In addition, it has excellent thermodynamic properties (40% less gas used for the same performance).

A quiet air conditioner

This device achieves a low noise level and can be used discreetly, day and night, with only 65 dB(A).

The ergonomics of the 3500W air conditioner

Need to cool your office when you're working, then your bedroom when it gets dark? The multi-directional castors of this air conditioner are ideal for moving it to any room you are in.

What are the accessories?

This air conditioner is delivered with its remote control, but also a 1,5m exhaust duct, a connector as well as a window panel, a 0,6m condensate hose and 4 wheels. So you have everything you need to enjoy your air conditioner as soon as you receive it!


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