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1 metre duct


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This 1 metre long duct allows you to hide your tubing and electrical cables when installing your air conditioner. It is perfect for concealing electrical wires or refrigeration connections that may disrupt the aesthetics of your interior.

Made of PVC, this trunking has a high impact resistance. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications and environments. Its compact size and elegant appearance allow cables to be hidden in the most discreet way possible.

With a simple slide on cover, this 1 metre PVC trunking is ideal for the vast majority of electrical installations. It allows you to achieve a professional result with ease.

Discreet and protected installation

If you are unable to undertake a flush fit, trunking can be used to conceal pipework and cables.

This accessory also makes it easier to access your wiring if necessary. In addition, the trunking protects your refrigeration connections from UV rays and bad weather.

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Size 80 x 60 mm

Our ducts measure 80 x 60 mm and can accommodate the refrigerant connections ReadyClim®as well as the electrical cables.

In order to properly connect your indoor unit to your outdoor unit, we offer various duct connection accessories (linear, inner corner, outer corner, end cap).

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