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Set of 2 floor stands


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The kit of 2 floor stands is ideal for the installation of an outdoor air conditioning unit when it cannot be mounted directly on a wall. This product allows you to place the unit at ground level.

The installation of these air conditioner brackets is extremely simple and fast!

This kit is particularly robust to ensure a simple and durable installation of your air conditioning system. Made from high quality materials, these brackets are very stable and have good shock absorption capacity.

Anti-vibration solution

Have you chosen a single or multi-split air conditioner? Then you need a support for your outdoor air conditioner. Our brackets will allow you to install your outdoor unit easily and simply.

All wall mounts are equipped with an anti-vibration system and considerably reduce noise pollution. The choice of your support must be adapted to the model chosen and suit your needs in terms ofinstallation and design: wall support, floor support, support with bracket or offset... the choice is yours!

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Up to 140 kilos of resistance

The outdoor unit mounts Airton are strong, can support more than a hundred kilos and include a safety hook.

We have made sure that we have a wide range of air conditioner mounts. Our prices vary according to the model of your air conditioner (monosplit, multisplit, kilowatt) and the strength of the bracket.

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Our expert advice

Theinstallation of the outdoor unit is an essential criterion when installing your air conditioning system. In order for you to benefit from a quick and easy installation, our brackets are delivered with all screws and fixing accessories, whatever the model chosen.

Your stand serves to protect your outdoor unit from malfunctions, we strongly advise you to position itaway from the sun and wind. If you do not have the possibility, you can opt for a air conditioner cover or a protective cover.

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Description of materials (continued)

In addition, they allow you to attach the outdoor unit of your air conditioner in a discreet and elegant way. This way, we offer you an accessory that is both aesthetic and practical. So you can place your outdoor unit and have a professional finish in a few steps.

This set of 2 brackets contains the pre-stamped strips as well as the fasteners (4 screws + 4 washers + 4 bolts).


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