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Mobile devices - Accessories

Accessories mobile air conditioner and mobile appliances(fan, air freshener, air purifier). All our mobile air condition ers come with their own remote control.

When youbuy a mobile air conditioner, several essential accessories are included. We do our utmost to provide you with a product you can use as soon as you receive it.

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Mobile devices - Accessories


Mobile devices

That's why you'll find all the air-conditioning accessories you need for proper operation inside your package: remote control, exhaust duct of appropriate length, connector, window panel, condensate hose. For the air purifier, we offer 3-in-1 purifier filters.

We've expanded the range to adapt our mobile units to different spaces. If you have a raised window or a velux window, the mobile air conditioner caulking kit is a practical tool for sealing an open window after theinstallation of a mobile air conditioner. Our air purifiers are a great success for offices and restaurants. When purchasing, remember to include a 3-in-1 filter: anti-germ, anti-pollution, anti-pollen.

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