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Adjustable flat angle for chute 80 x 60 mm


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The adjustable flat angle is ideal for covering the junction of two lengths of 80x60mm trunking.

Easy to handle, this flat angle can be quickly installed to complete an electrical installation, for example. Its adjustable side allows it to be opened from 65° to 130°. Cables are thus fully protected.

The sleek aesthetics of theadjustable flat angle give you a harmonious finish in a single gesture. Choose our product for all your trunking connections. 


Discreet, protected installation

If you don't have the space for a flush-mounted installation, you can use trunking to conceal pipes and cables.

This accessory also makes it easier to access your wiring if required. What's more, trunking protects your refrigeration lines from UV rays and bad weather.

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Size 80 x 60 mm

Our ducts measure 80 x 60 mm and can accommodate ReadyClim® refrigeration linksand electrical cables.

To connect your indoor unit to your outdoor unit , we offer a range of duct connection accessories (linear, inside corner, outside corner, end cap).

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