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Reversible mobile air conditioner 2000W/1700W 7000BTU

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In addition to offering you unparalleled comfort, this reversible mobile air conditioner is 3 in 1 multifunction. So, you can use it as a heater, but also as an air conditioner, as a fan or even as a dehumidifier.

Climatiseur mobile réversible 3 en 1

L'appareil d'appoint réversible par excellence ! Nos climatiseurs réversibles permettent de rafraîchir la température en été et chauffer en hiver.

En plus de vous offrir confort et discrétion, nos climatiseurs mobiles réversibles sont multifonction. Vous pouvez aussi bien les utiliser comme climatiseur, ventilateur ou encore comme déshumidificateur, suivant le modèle choisi.

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Jusqu'à 35m²

Nos climatiseurs mobiles possèdent une puissance allant de 2000W à 3500W. Ils conviennent parfaitement pour des pièces allant de 20 à 35m².

Nos appareils se déplacent facilement d'une pièce à l'autre. Puissants mais légers, il sont équipés de 4 roues pour vous suivre dans toutes les pièces de votre maison.

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Climatiseur mobile silencieux et design

Nos appareils s'utilisent en toute discrétion, le niveau sonore se situant entre 60 et 65 dB(A). Composés d'une seule et unique unité mobile, ils sont discrets et proposent différentes fonctionnalités.

La mise en marche est simple et rapide. Le tuyau d'évacuation fournis doit être placé dans l'entrebâillement d'une fenêtre ou d’une porte. Vous pouvez ensuite profiter des bienfaits de votre climatiseur mobile réversible Airton.

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Unboxing: Déballage d'un climatiseur mobile

Description (suite)

An ideal temperature everywhere, all the time!

Are you looking for an air conditioner that is capable of cooling you down during the summer season, but which can also provide you with pleasant warmth come winter? The Airton reversible air conditioner is made for you! Lightweight, stylish and equipped with a handle and 4 wheels, it moves very easily to follow you in all the rooms of your home.

The power of the mobile air conditioner

This product has a power of 2000W when it is in cold mode. When in heating mode, it has a power of 1700W as well as an air flow of 380m 3 /h. This type of model therefore allows you to cool surfaces up to 21 meters squares. It is therefore perfect for a living room or even a work space.

The functions of the reversible air conditioner

In order to get the most out of your reversible air conditioner, we offer a digital display. This is particularly intuitive and allows you to operate any of its functions in just a few seconds.

Thanks to the remote control supplied with the device, you can also control your air conditioner remotely for greater comfort. This system is ideal if you want to regulate the temperature from your bed.

The little bonus: you can program a timer up to 24 hours in advance!

An ecological reversible air conditioner

Because ecology is also at the heart of our priorities, we offer you a device equipped with R290 gas which is 100% natural. Being of fossil origin, its use does not emit any greenhouse gases. Additionally, R290 gas is an all-natural hydrocarbon used as a refrigerant.

The consequences of this gas on the environment are therefore very low. It is notably 700 times less impactful than R410a gas. Added to this are its excellent thermodynamic properties since it uses approximately 40% less gas than a device with similar performance.

A silent reversible mobile air conditioner

This device achieves a low noise level and can be used discreetly, day or night, with only 65 dB(A). It is therefore recommended for heatwave nights, but also for cold winter nights. This reversible air conditioner is also very popular with people who are sensitive to noise when they work, but also want to benefit from a comfortable ambient temperature.

Reversible air conditioner accessories

We do everything we can to provide you with a usable product as soon as you receive it. This is why you will find inside your package all the accessories that allow it to function properly: a remote control, a 1.5 meter long exhaust duct, a connector and a control panel. window recess and a 0.6 meter condensate pipe. Casters are also added to easily move your air conditioner.

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