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Window Caulking Kit for Mobile Air Conditioner


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This window caulking kit is an essential accessory for your mobile air conditioner installation. It has been designed to prevent warm outside air from entering your home.

3-in-1 reversible mobile air conditioner

Thereversible auxiliary appliance par excellence! Our reversible air conditioners cool in summer and heat in winter.

In addition to offering you comfort and discretion, our reversible mobile air conditioners are multifunctional. You can use them as air conditioners, fans or dehumidifiers, depending on the model you choose.

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Up to 35m² in area

Our mobile air conditioners range in power from 2000W to 3500W. They are ideal for rooms ranging from 20 to 35m².

Our units move easily from room to room. Powerful yet lightweight, they are equipped with 4 wheels to follow you into every room of your home.

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Quiet, stylish mobile air conditioner

Our units can be used discreetly, with noise levels between 60 and 65 dB(A). Comprising a single mobile unit, they are discreet and offer a range of functions.

Start-up is quick and easy. The supplied exhaust hose should be placed in a window or doorway. You can then enjoy the benefits of your Airton mobile reversible air conditioner.

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Unboxing: Unpacking a mobile air conditioner

Description (continued)

The advantages of this caulking kit:

  • This is a practical tool that can be used to seal a window opening after the installation of a silent mobile air conditioner. In particular, it prevents any infiltration of warm air from outside the room.
  • Equipped with 4 castors, the mobile air conditioner can easily be moved from one room to another, without the need for any special installation.
  • This kit is very easy to install, allowing you to benefit from the advantages of your air-conditioning unit very quickly.
  • This kit caulking works with French windows - single-sided dormer -.

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