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Bisplit reversible air conditioner (x2) - Air to air heat pump (PAC)


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Plasma ioniser


R32 gas


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Powerful and discreet fixed bi-split air conditioner with heating and cooling function. Temperature adjustable between 16°C and 31°C. Energy efficiency A++ and A+. Two indoor units + 1 outdoor unit. Programmable air conditioning system with 5 operating modes. Compatible with the ReadyClim ready-to-install solution. 

Efficient air conditioning system up to 70m². The bi-split system allows you to heat and cool a complete home. In your home, the comfort is continuous and homogeneous all year round. The regulation is very simple, each indoor unit is independent. Two rooms of your choice can benefit from reversible air conditioning.  

Reversible bi-split air conditioning

In summer and winter, your air conditioner stabilises the comfort temperature and ensures high energy efficiency.

Thanks to the DC INVERTER®technology, our heat pumps are reversible and consist of two functions: cooling and heating.

Temperature variations are not felt. The desired temperature is more precise and the feeling of comfort is increased. Thanks to the capacity of the compressor, the selected temperature is reached more quickly.

While a conventional compressor runs at full capacity, the DC INVERTER air-conditioning system regulates the power of the compressor by itself according to the change in room temperature. In heating mode, consume 4 times less electricity than an electric heater.

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Up to 70m².

Our reversible bi-split air conditioners are suitable for rooms of up to 70m² and remain silent.

They fit perfectly in a flat or a house. With two indoor units and one outdoor unit, bi-split air conditioning offers you great comfort all year round and considerable energy savings.

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Install your own bi-split

Install and commission your heat pump yourself Airton thanks to the patented ReadyClimpatented and certified system.

More practical, our pre-charged R32 gas connection system is hermetically sealed for simple, quick and safe installation. Only 4 nuts to tighten and it's connected. Installation requires no special equipment and no vacuum. System only compatible with our air conditioners.

Interconnection possible Readyclim®

With this ReadyClim® connection you can connect an additional 4 meter or 6 meter connection using a union connector kit. We recommend not to exceed 12 metres of connection between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit.

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Choose the ReadyClim® solution

To optimise your experience, choose the refrigeration links ReadyClim adapt to your needs in a few steps.

• Choose the model of your air conditioner (power, capacity)

• Treat yourself to additional options for more comfort (Wifi)

• Choose the length of your connection (4m, 6m, 8m, 10m or 12m)

- Add a union connector if necessary

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Connected air conditioner: Wifi option

The bi-split air conditioners (2 indoor units) Airton can be controlled remotely with our wifi modules: Smart home, compatible with Google Home and Alexa via the app SmartLifeapp, on AppleStore and GooglePlay.

At Airton, discover the best price wifi air conditioner offer and save on your energy consumption.

Find the pack of 3 compatible Wifi Modules in our accessories.

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Installation of an Air Conditioner Airton

Find all the steps to install and commission your air conditioner.

Description of the reversible air conditioner (continued)

Quality and durability of stationary air conditioners Airton

All Airton air conditioners are equipped with compressors Toshiba, Sanyo, Panasonic, and Samsung. The internal parts, filters, and all mechanical elements are designed with materials sustainable and certified. All our stationary air conditioners are tested before being released for sale in order to equip our customers with machines secured and robust.

Refrigerant gas R32

Airton uses R32 gas in order to:

• Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 68% from a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 2088 for R410A to 675 for R32.

• Reducing the amount of fluid in the installation allows for a reduction in the size of the equipment, increased discretion and reduced use of raw materials.

• Increase energy performance by up to 7% through improved thermal management.

• Bringing even lowernoise levels through advanced technology.


As part of sustainability, Airton air conditioners are optimised. From design to production, we ensure that the refrigerants and raw materials are measured to have nonegative environmental impact. This makes it possible to have a global warming potential (GWP) equal to 675 thanks to the gas R32, against 2088 with the old gas R410A. Also, by saving raw materials we have managed to produce air conditioners that aresmaller and more discreet.

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