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Reddo, which means “ribbon” in Japanese, is a string of lights in multiple colors that goes with all styles of decoration. This connected LED strip with a length of 5 meters is dimmable . So you can vary the intensity of the light, while enjoying a wide variety of colors. Go from yellow, to white, to pink, to green or even to blue in one gesture.

Perfect for providing a festive atmosphere, this light in the form of a ribbon can also illuminate unusual places, such as along a wall or a piece of furniture, near a painting or a bed. This way, you obtain a unique decoration and you can easily highlight an element of your interior.

Note that the Reddo LED strip is IP20. It is therefore not waterproof and cannot withstand the humidity that a bathroom can provide. It is also not recommended to place it in a kitchen near cooking vapors.

Why not place this ribbon of light in a room to create an atypical decoration? You can also model a shape of your choice in order to create unique and particularly original lighting.

RGB connected LED strip, 18W, 5 meters, 2 years warranty, Dimmable, minimum lifespan: 25,000 hours, Silicone glue for better quality. Possibility of pairing with Google Home and Alexa and thus remotely controlling our connected objects with your voice.


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