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RODDO the stem lamp,

In Japanese, Roddo means “stem”. This designer lamp thus represents the wild sobriety of a plant stem. It bends naturally like a reed under the effect of the wind in order to easily present the bulb of your choice.

The Roddo luminaire is ideal for lighting an office in a minimalist way. In addition, if you want to choose an original and extravagant bulb like those from the Rai collection or Taiyo, from KAZE, this little lamp base will undoubtedly highlight it.

In addition, this light fits perfectly into a busy decoration to provide beautiful luminosity in a discreet way. Likewise, in a simple room, this lamp allows you to maintain the modest and authentic appearance that suits you.

Thus, the Roddo rod lamp is an all-purpose model that seduces with its classic elegance as well as the finesse of its aesthetics.

Kihon range (basic in Japanese), for the 4 products highlight that the customer can control the bulb from warm white to cold white (CCT), Approximately 13 million colors available, this range has a very basic design and allows a powerful lighting


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