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Accessories - Condensate

Find all air conditioning accessories related to condensation(air conditioning condensate drain hose) and water drain management.

Air conditioning produces condensate, which turns into water. This water needs to be drained off, so that it doesn't stagnate in the pipes or in the air-conditioning unit, thus preventing the build-up of bacteria and dust, especially in summer.

That's why it's important to use an air-conditioning condensate tube. Airton's air-conditioning condensate pipe is made of flexible PVC with a spiral section. A condensate pipe or condensate drain hose is fitted with a plug that cleans the drained water: no more rising odors! Of course, water doesn't have to be discharged just anywhere, and depends on the decisions made by the co-owners of your home.

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Accessories - Condensate


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Equip with gutter will hide the unsightly condensate pipe. Water from the siphon is pure, potable water, so remember to use it wisely and not waste it. The air-conditioning system can be used to water your terrace plants or clean your car, floors and windows...

When you install an air-conditioning system or heat pump, you may need a air-conditioning condensate pump if the outdoor unit of your air conditioner is installed on the roof, for example. A condensate pump against gravity.Condensate drainage is then more efficient, and the alarm system offered by Airton will prevent water leaks from the air conditioner's indoor unit as far as possible.

But how do you maintain your drainpipe?

The condensate pan must never overflow and must be thoroughly disinfected. Otherwise, it will clog up! Cleaning your unit is therefore extremely important.

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