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Portable appliances - Mobile air conditioner

Need air conditioning advice for a single room? Are you looking for a low-cost mobile air conditioner, or have you decided to go ahead with thepurchase of a mobile air conditioner? Discover our range of reversible mobile air conditioners here.

They're the perfect alternative if you can't install a fixed air conditioner in a room of your home, or if you want to install a mobile air conditioner for your camper van or bedroom. Air conditioning is as efficient as it is affordable! What's more, at Airton, all our offers are guaranteed!

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Portable appliances - Mobile air conditioner


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Prices vary, but so does comfort!

Our mobile air conditioners come in a range of models and cooling capacities to suit the size of your rooms! From the 2000 W cold, 1700 W hot mobile air conditioner at 7000 Btu (21m2), to the intermediate reversible mobile air conditioner 2600 W cold, 2000 W hot at 9000 Btu (24-27m2), to the more powerful 3500 W cold, 2500 W hot mobile air conditioner at 12000 Btu (30m2). Depending on the wattage, you'll be able to provide high-performance air conditioning in several rooms.

A mobile product, practical and easy to move from room to room.

Whatever the product, Airton's reversible mobile air conditioner is a portable air conditioner with two air-conditioning functions: cooling mode and heating mode. The mobile unit is practical and easy to install and dismantle, thanks to the included accessories. Thanks to its castors, it can be moved from the office to the living room or from the living room to the bedroom. But beware: Airton's mobile heat pump is not a ventless air conditioner. In fact, Airton's mobile air conditioner for house or apartment is a mobile air conditioner with a drip tray (part of the included accessories ) equipped with a caulking system, i.e. a window adapter for mobile air conditioners (part of the included accessories ) designed to reject hot air.

Keep control of your parts

Equipped with the latest technology, we've made it a point of honor to develop our air-conditioning offerings to offer the very best in mobile air-conditioning: a powerful, ultra-quiet mobile air-conditioner. It'll be discreet in your room! We can also offer you a wifi mobile air conditioner, connected remotely via the SmartLife application, to maximize comfort in the room you want, and above all... for greater energy efficiency!

Professional product, good value for money

The price of a small-area mobile air conditioner or a large-area mobile air conditioner varies according to model, cooling capacity and design , for maximum comfort! Our mobile mono splits are all practical and discreet. Access our tips on our blog page or Help to find out how to use a mobile air conditioner. Don't miss out on our air conditioning offers and promotions by subscribing to our newsletter. Like a particular model? Contact an advisor or our customer service department to get in touch with the sales team and get a quotation !

How does a mobile air conditioner work?

The mobile air conditioner, or monobloc, consists of a single unit located inside a room in your home. Its operation is based on the same principle as an air-to-air heat pump heat pump or fixed air-conditioning unit. To generate cold air, the unit draws in ambient air from the room using an air-to-air heat pump. The air is then passed through an expansion valve and cooled by a refrigerant. Airton mobile units meet the main criteria forpurchasing a reversible mobile air conditioner. Airton mobile air condition ers are high-powered, energy-efficient and cost-effective. You'll love them, every time!

What type of mobile air conditioner should I choose from all the models available on the Internet?

Mobile air conditioners are space-saving room boosters. They can cool an area of up to 40m2 (allow 10W per m2). Positioned in a hallway or corridor, the unit can cool several rooms (2 maximum).

Choosing the right mobile air conditioning :

  • First of all, classify and list your air conditioning needs!
  • Make sure your unit comes with all the accessories you need for installation, so there are no nasty surprises! At Airton, discover the accessories included.
  • Buy online to find the best product at the best price. In-store offers are very wide, the market vast and the brands numerous. What's more, salespeople are less familiar with the specific features of each product.
  • Airton' s customer service team can help you with your project and draw up a quote by email or telephone. By using our online site rather than picking up your order in-store, you avoid having to transport a product weighing around 30kg to your home. Our products are always available, and delivery costs are minimal!
  • First of all, find out how it differs from stationary stationary air conditionerswhich are always more efficient.
  • Identify the cold and hot power that a mobile device can achieve.
  • Make sure your appliance is positioned correctly in your home to facilitate installation.
  • Choose discreet mobile air conditioners for low noise levels.
  • Calculate the power consumption of a mobile air conditioner to consume less and better. The wifi option is a real asset!
  • Choose a reversible mobile air conditioner for year-round use (summer and winter).
  • Remember that the Airton brand offers air conditioning systems that improve ambient air quality.

Discover our mobile and fixed air conditioning models !

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