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No idling.

100% hermetically sealed system, pre-charged with the more efficient and less polluting R32 gas.


Commissioning in just 20 minutes with the Readyclim system.


A simple solution: just 4 nuts to tighten and it's connected.


No refrigerant handling , so no risk of gas dispersion.

Up to 12-meter connection

The refrigerant line is a refrigerant tube running from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit of your stationary air conditioner.

At Airton, we offer 4-meter and 6-meter pre-charged gas refrigerant lines. Up to 12 meters of refrigerant connection is possible with the union connector.

∙ For 8m of refrigerant connection: opt for 2x4m.

∙ For 10m of refrigerant connection: opt for 1x4m and 1x6m.

∙ For 1m of refrigerant connection: opt for 2x6m.

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Safe air-conditioning system

The innovative nature of the ready-to-install connector system lies in the design of its mechanism and assembly.

It rules out any risk of accidental gas dispersion, even when this operation is carried out by an unqualified private individual .

The ReadyClim system represents a remarkable advance over other available air-conditioning systems. Until now, there have been 2 techniques for installing domestic air conditioners: either the gas is loaded at the point of commissioning; or, in the case of factory-preloaded elements, the use of "lever-operated quick-cutters", which let a small amount of gas escape, whether through negligence, mishandling or necessity.

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20 years of R&D

The development of this new connection system required several years of research and several million euros ofinvestment.

It was patented in 2006 andpublished byINPIin 2009.

Airton has perfected its new air-conditioning and refrigeration connection system to make it tamper-proof. This connection system has passed all the tests, carried out with stresses 4 times higher than those recommended by the current standard. These tests are regularly verified and validated by qualified independent international inspection bodies (SGS, INTERTEK, CETIM).

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ReadyClim® is the first step towards more responsible air conditioning. Using R32 gas means 15% less gas consumption. Three times less harmful, it considerably reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


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