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Accessories - Maintenance

To reduce major breakdowns and avoid air conditioning repairs after a few years of operation, you must worry about air conditioning cleaning in the house . Your air conditioner needs maintenance!

This will allow you to clean the ambient air and ensure the safety of your fixed air conditioner . Maintaining your air-to-air heat pump recommended by Airton involves “ air conditioning cleaning” of several parts of your device.

On domestic air conditioners weighing less than 2kg, subscribing to a maintenance contract and an air conditioning maintenance overhaul is not compulsory . However, the annual maintenance service for air conditioning does not exclude cleaning on your part. We recommend disinfecting the air conditioning every 6 months.

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To make your task easier, Airton has designed high-performance home air conditioning maintenance products that significantly reduce the proliferation of contaminating microorganisms present in the air conditioning system . Whatever the mode ( air conditioning mode or heating mode ) the bacteria persist. Cleaning your air conditioning or cleaning the air conditioning filter with water does the trick but does not ensure deep cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioning . Also remember to ensure proper cleaning of the air conditioning condensate tray to maintain the performance of the air conditioner and ensure the longevity of the single-block or multi-block air conditioning .

Go to the installation instructions to find out more about air conditioning maintenance. Please note that with your additional Airton material and technical assistance warranty (5 years), you can also benefit from a troubleshooting service with dedicated video assistance.

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