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Reversible air conditioner - Air Air heat pump (PAC)

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MONO: A single indoor unit
BI: Two indoor units
TRI: Three indoor units

Power :

2500W : up to 30m².
3400W : up to 40m² surface area
5270W : up to 60m².


Power :


Power :


By placing an order, I undertake to have my equipment commissioned (or installed with commissioning) by a professional who is qualified to handle refrigerants, and to send us the required certification documents at

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Description Features Includes Documentation

Powerful, discreet stationary air conditioner with heating and cooling function. Temperature adjustable between 16°C and 31°C. A++ and A+ energy efficiency. Indoor unit + outdoor unit. Programmable air-conditioning system with 5 operating modes. Compatible with ReadyClim ready-to-install solution and SmartLife Wifi Module.

Reversible air conditioning.

Summer and winter alike, your air conditioner stabilizes your comfort temperature and ensures high energy efficiency.

Thanks to DC INVERTER®technology, our heat pumps are reversible and have two functions: cooling and heating.

Temperature variations are not felt. The desired temperature is more precise and the feeling of comfort is enhanced. Thanks to the compressor's capacity, the chosen temperature is reached more quickly.

While a conventional compressor runs at full capacity, the DC INVERTER air-conditioning system automatically regulates the compressor's output according to changes in room temperature. In heating mode, consume 4 times less electricity than an electric heater.

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15 m² to 65 m²

Our monosplit reversible air conditioners are suitable for rooms ranging from 15m² to 65m², depending on the air conditioner's output, while remaining silent.

This reversible air-conditioning system is perfect for a living room, bedroom or office. If your rooms are connected, you can opt for a single-split system to heat/cool both rooms at the same time.

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Commissioning in 20 minutes

Your Airton heat pump can be up and running in 20 minutes, thanks to the patented and certified ReadyClim®system .

More practical, our hermetically sealed, pre-charged R32 connection system makes installation quick, easy and safe. Just 4 nuts to tighten, and it's connected. Installation requires no special equipment and no vacuum. System only compatible with our air conditioners.

Readyclim® cross-connection possible

With this ReadyClim® connection, you can connect an additional 4-meter or 6-meter connection using a union connector kit. We recommend a maximum connection length of 12 meters .

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Choose the ReadyClim® solution

To optimize your experience, choose ReadyClim ReadyClim® in just a few steps.

- Choose your air conditioner model (power, capacity)

- Treat yourself to extra comfort options (Wifi)

- Choose the length of your connection (4m, 6m, 8m, 10m or 12m)

- Add a union connector if required

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Connected air conditioner: Wifi option

Airton split air conditioners can be controlled remotely thanks to our wifi module: Smart home, compatible with Google Home and Alexa via the SmartLife appapplication, on AppleStore and GooglePlay.

At Airton, discover the wifi air conditioner offer at the best price and save on your energy consumption.

Find the compatible wifi module in our accessories section.

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Description Reversible air conditioner (continued)

Quality and durability of Airton stationary air conditioners

All Airton air conditioners are equipped with compressors Toshiba, Sanyo, Panasonic, and Samsung. Internal parts, filters, and all mechanical elements are made of high-grade materials. sustainable and certified. All our stationary air conditioners are tested before being released for sale, so that we can equip our customers with machines secure and robust.

Refrigerant gas R32

Airton uses R32 gas to:

- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 68%, from a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 2088 for R410A to 675 for R32.

- Reducing the amount of fluid in the system makes it possible to reduce the size of devices, increase their discretion and reduce the use of raw materials.

- Increase energy performance by up to 70% through improved thermal management.

- Even lower noise levels thanks to advanced technology.


Airton air conditioners are optimized for sustainable development. From design to production, we make sure that refrigerants and raw materials are measured to ensure they have nonegative environmental impact. In particular, this enables us to achieve a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 675 with R32 gas, compared with 2088 with the old R410A gas. Also, by saving raw materials, we've managed to produce smaller , more discreet air conditioners.

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