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Multisplit air conditioner

Fixed multi-split air conditioner

This model can air-condition andheat severalrooms with several indoor units from a single outdoor unit. Airton offers reversible air conditioners multi split : bi-split and tri-split available in our fixed air conditioners collection. The ReadyClim solution adapts to a reversible multi split air conditioner, so you would need to order a union connector( connection of two links) to go up to 12m of refrigerant connection.

Equipment provided :

Included in the indoor unit boxes :

  • 2 remote controls with batteries
  • 2m condensate hose indoor unit
  • Protective foam fitting

Included in outdoor unit boxes :

  • Insulating tape
  • Wall outlet
  • Condensate drain connection
  • 4 anti-vibration blocks
  • 2 x 4m electrical wiring
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