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Double-pipe Y-pipe connection for condensate drain


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This double Y-pipe connector allows two condensate pipes of different diameters (16/18/20 mm) to be connected to a single pipe.

When used in a horizontal position, pipe bonding is mandatory.

Condensate drainage technology

Condensate concerns all types of stationary reversibleair-conditioning/air-to-air heat pumps that capture heat from the air. This is how condensate escapes from the compressor.

So it's vital to install an evacuation technique to let them escape. An evacuation hose is supplied in our packaging when you purchase a stationary air conditioner.

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Accessories for drainpipes

You can accessorize the supplied drainpipe by opting for a single or double Y-connector connector system, so you can connect the pipes to each other according to your needs.

Condensate pump

The lift pump Airton pump enables condensate to be evacuated to the outside when the slope is insufficient.

Quiet in operation, the lift pump can be installed in any room. Equipped with quick connectors, the system is quick and easy to install. Our pump is equipped with a transparent reservoir so you can see the state of the tank and carry out maintenance when necessary. See our installation video below.

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Installation of the air conditioner condensate pump


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